Burger Bar, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

There’s lots of hype surrounding Burger Bar, the Las Vegas creation of Hubert Keller known for his San Francisco restaurant, Fleur de Lys. I ate lunch there last week with John and our friends, Karen and George. There is an extensive burger menu and you can spend anywhere from $8 to $60 for a burger. There are all sorts of toppings for the burgers and lots of sides. We all ordered the Ridgefield beef burger, Karen opting for cheese as well. There were also two orders of onion rings and one of french fries. The burgers were perfectly cooked – the medium, medium-rare, and rare all cooked as requested. John felt his needed a little salt but I thought they were perfectly seasoned. Our son, Jonathan, ate here last year and his opinion is that the burgers are bland, but they were great last week. I felt the accompanying onions rings were too breaded for my taste but the others found them fine. The french fries were also very good. For a taste of what a hamburger on a bun should be, check out the Burger Bar the next time you are in Las Vegas.

Remembering that this is not haute cuisine –
Table consensus – A

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