Maybe I’m just naïve but aren’t judges supposed to be followers of the law? Putting aside whether the minority party should use the filibuster to block Senate votes for judicial nominees or whether the majority should change the rules concerning filibusters, I think that people proposed for the bench, conservative or liberal, should follow the laws of the United States. Not pick and choose which ones they like best. If a judge indicates that he thinks certain people should be discriminated against, then he shouldn’t be a judge because that’s not what the law says. If he thinks that the Clean Air Act is a bunch of crap and that industry should have a free hand polluting the air, he needs to find a new job. Or if a judge feels that illegal immigrants should have the right to just cross the border and set up shop, find a new career. I just don’t get it. There are laws in the United States that I don’t agree with but I follow them because it’s the law and I respect our history and institutions. Judges shouldn’t be different in that respect from ordinary citizens.

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