When I was a little girl, my mother taught me how to knit. She’d cast on ten or so stitches for me and we would sit companionably on the sofa doing our knitting. She always made these little sleep sock/booties for us, even when we were older, to keep our feet warm in bed. I never remember her making a big project like a sweater for my father but maybe as a kid I just wasn’t paying attention. As I got older, into my teens, my projects became more ambitious culminating in a sweater for my boyfriend. I hope you’re still wearing it, Tom, because that was a lot of work! But crocheting replaced knitting as the craft of choice, then crewel, cross-stitch, sewing, twisted paper and on and on. For the longest time, I haven’t really done any craft at all. But today when Ryan and I went shopping, we decided to get some yarn and knit scarves. Ryan is a very competent craft person. (I thought about saying that she was very crafty but that would have sounded pejorative.) Amazingly, I still I have some muscle memory about how to knit. I guess it’s a little like riding a bike. Will I have time to blog with all the knitting? We’ll see, knit one, purl one, knit one……….

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