One of the first things that happened when we moved to California was that John was called upon to travel to Vienna on business. We were still living in an apartment, the kids were just settling into school and here’s this opportunity for me to go along as well. I’d never been to Europe. Long story, short, the daughter of one of our friends was available to stay with the kids and I went along. One of the events on the spouse’s itinerary was to have a waltzing lesson at the Vienna Waltz School. Most of the people in the tour group were women and we arrived at the school to find that we were to be partnered by young men in suits and white gloves. Waltzing is quite energetic as we found out. After a while the better waltzers moved to the ballroom and the klutzes stayed behind for remedial dancing. I was a remedial dancer. My young man tried hard but to no avail. It seems that when I was eight or nine my older sister took dancing lessons. She needed someone to practice with. So my first experiences dancing were as the male partner. I’ve never gotten over the need to lead.

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