John and I are spending all our time this week watching the US Open. It’s on about 10 hours a day and if we didn’t have TiVo, it would be impossible to watch. Really, all you people who don’t have TiVo? I can only guess that you love watching commercials. More about TiVo in another entry.

Anyway, I am looking at the players and I see some great names for tennis. Two pop out, Anna Smashnova of Israel and Sybille Bammer from Austria who played in the qualifying event. So that got me to thinking about other athletes with great names for their sports.

For instance, in football there’s Arnaz Battle of the 49ers, Tom Crowder of the Cowboys, Chad Slaughter of the Raiders and Todd Heap from the Ravens. Among baseballs major league players there are at least 6 different Walkers. The best, though, is Colter Bean from the Yankees. He’s a pitcher! Another of my favorites would be Steward Cink, the golf player. And even Tiger Woods has a good golf name. Too bad Minnie Driver doesn’t play.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve come up with lots of good first names for different professions as well. You know, like a lawyer named Sue. But I can’t use up all my good blog topics in one day.

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