I hardly know what to say about the disaster in New Orleans. At first I thought, why didn’t all those people leave? That’s so easy to say when you have enough resources to do so. But what if you are poor or infirm? Then I thought, how horrible it is that people are looting stores. And while I still think it’s terrible for people to be looting stores, I can totally understand why these poor victims might loot a place where they could get food and water. Many Americans are complaining about high gas prices. And I know that once again it’s so much easier if you have the money to pay the price, but aren’t high gas prices diminished when you know that your burden is so much less than the people who are suffering in New Orleans?

I look at the pictures and read the reports on the internet and it looks like something I’d learn about happening in some third world nation. With all the resources we have, you’d think we could have done a better job. Hearing our President say for the umpteenth time that we will be stronger because of the current disaster be it war, terror or hurricane, doesn’t change the nation’s and the world’s impression of a thoroughly inept response. Americans, white and wealthy or poor, minority, and infirm, all deserve better.

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