You can’t grow up having been named Mary without someone saying, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary.” It becomes ingrained. As a result, I guess I am a little contrary. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. So when a whole lot of people like something and recommend it highly, I am more than likely to take a different path, especially in television watching. It’s a big hit? Then I won’t watch it. I’ve never watched a single episode of Dallas or Knot’s Landing. I never watched the show about becoming a millionaire with its lifelines. “It’s a Wonderful Life?” I just can’t bring myself to view a movie that plays over and over every Christmas. Like I said, I’m just a little contrary.

I’ve never watched Survivor or American Idol. I don’t watch reality shows. Uh-oh, my kids have called me out on this one. Even though I tried to explain how it’s not one of those shows. But it is and I must admit it, I watch So You Think You Can Dance. The worst of the worst, so I’m told. I’ve tried to explain it away by saying that you just don’t find dance on TV so I am supporting the arts. Or that I use TiVo to zip through all the annoying parts so I just see the dancing. But the truth is, in addition to the dancing, I’ve enjoyed the dancer’s little bios, the savage criticism by the judges and even engaged in a little armchair criticism myself.

I’m so lame.

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