I want to finish up my comments about taking a cruise.

Reasons for going on a cruise –

  • You want to go someplace remote like Alaska or the Greek islands that you can’t get to otherwise.
  • You want someone else to organize your trip for you. You don’t want to be involved in the nitty gritty of planning.
  • You like the fact that the hotel room goes with you. There’s no unpacking and repacking.
  • You want to be able to eat often and a lot.
  • You want a whole bunch of your friends to vacation with you.
  • You are gregarious.
  • Reasons for not going on a cruise –

  • It is really expensive. There are a lot of extras over and above the quoted price.
  • You don’t want to vacation with so many other people.
  • You like the ability to go off the beaten path, have a more intimate experience with the place you are visiting.
  • You like the idea of something happening spontaneously.
  • You are interested in fine cuisine.
  • You find that planning a trip is almost as much fun as taking it.
  • That all being said, we had a really good time. The staff on the boat was excellent. I also think your experience depends on which cruise line you book with. Some cruises have a smaller number of people on them, some emphasize the cuisine, and others have celebrities. A lot of people think that cruising is the best way to vacation. It really all depends on your own personality and expectations.

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