Now I bet you think I am going to carrying on about some miscarriage of justice. But, no. I am actually going to write about kangaroos. This week in the St. George newspaper, The Spectrum, the Vent (see my entry The Vent) had some input from a disgruntled citizen about his unhappy time at the county fair.

“I looked forward to the county fair this year because I had finally arranged to box with a kangaroo at the Friday night bouts. I couldn’t believe it, but when the fight began most of the crowd was cheering for the kangaroo! Whose side are you people on, the humans or the animals? I also thought it was unfair that the kangaroo was allowed to use its hind legs, which is technically kicking not punching, and nobody said a thing!”

Seriously, wouldn’t you have rooted for the kangaroo?

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