Have you ever thought about why you are, who you are? What accidents happened to make you, you? I was thinking about this tonight. My family came to the U.S. long before the colonies were the U.S. They were Protestants coming to be free (to persecute whomever they perceived to be non-believers) in the new world. They settled in N.J. I’ve traced them back, so I know this to be true. Somewhere along time, one of my ancestors married somebody Catholic and converted. This made me a Catholic. I’ve gone to the Presbyterian Church cemetery in New Jersey where my great-greats are buried. So I know this is true. So as a happenstance of love, perhaps, the whole family dynamic changed.

Then my father, by this time a Catholic, married someone who was Protestant. Well, not really a practicing Protestant, but not a Catholic. And my mom allowed us to be brought up Catholic, although she never really bought into it. And my sisters married Catholic guys. And I didn’t. So my children experienced another shift. They were brought up a different way, hopefully embracing good and accepting of all people. Moving to California helped this.

I sometimes wonder why people hold such a strict view of the world. Don’t they realize that it’s just a roll of the dice that they turned out the way they did? There are billions of people in the world who had a different throw. Their beliefs are no less relevant and true than yours are.

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