Last night we had another of our family dinners. What fun they are! I am so glad we are living close to our kids. This is the second such dinner we have had where John and I supply the main course and the kids do the sides. Last night we tried Alton Brown’s oven barbecue ribs. My sister, Phyllis, had told me that these are easy and turn out really well, and they did! I might try making the rub and the sauce a little spicier next time and maybe put a little ketchup in the sauce to make it more tomato-ey but the ribs themselves were great – falling off the bone and just the right texture. Yum. Sarah brought cornbread that was really good and Ryan and Jon brought coleslaw (ala America’s Test Kitchen) and ice cream with peaches. I can’t find their coleslaw recipe so I am hoping Jon will send it to me and I’ll post it later.

The best part of family dinner, though, is family.

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