Rather than post-Thanksgiving, perhaps I should have called this the Thanksgiving post. Anyway, Thanksgiving was quite fun and very yummy. The biggest hits of the day would be the “death by broccoli” (always a winner), the apple-rutabaga soup (made by Sarah), the incredibly lump-free mashed potatoes (cooked and riced by Jon), the creamed onions and the turkey gravy (lovingly attended to for days by John.) Actually, who am I kidding, it was all great.

Here’s a funny thing that happened. Sarah called and asked what we were wearing. We said casual was fine. This usually means jeans in our family. John and I put on jeans hoping to make everyone feel at ease with what they were wearing. Sarah shows up in a lovely long slim skirt with matching turtleneck. She looks great! I think, oh, I must change my clothes. But Sarah says Jonathan will be wearing jeans so don’t worry. Then Jon shows up and he has on a nice shirt and a pair of dress slacks. Abashed, John and I scurry into the bedroom and change into something more presentable.

So I guess this just goes to show that we are becoming our children and our children are becoming us. Or maybe it’s that we feel that we no longer need to set example and they have internalized the example we tried to set for so many years. It was a mighty strange role reversal.

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