I am totally not understanding the whole brouhaha surrounding the wishing of Happy Holidays. I was taught that one should always be cognizant and considerate of other people’s beliefs and mores. Yes, America is a 75%-80% polyglot of Christian religions but there’s also the 20%+ others. Why not use a little sensitivity?

Bill O’Reilly and others are recommending that shoppers boycott stores that say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. What are they so afraid of? Will their beliefs be undermined by the use of one phrase instead of another? Are the Happy Holidayers planning a coup of the government? It is, after all, overwhelmingly Christian at the national, state and local level.

I always thought that many Christians felt that Christmas was too commercial. Now it seems they’ve totally bought into the commercialization. Perhaps they feel that the whole American economy should be faith-based. Or perhaps that like our Islamist foes, we should head toward re-making our country as a theocracy.

What do I do? Maybe I’m a little more aware of what’s being said since not everyone in our household is a Christmas celebrator. Certainly if I am with friends who celebrate Christmas, I say Merry Christmas. But if I am with a stranger or I am unsure, I always wish them a good holiday season. Isn’t Christmas big and strong enough to place itself under an umbrella of good wishes for all?

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