Here’s a just a few things I’m thinking about.

1. I went to the pharmacy and picked up the prescription for inhalers. Then I actually used them. Guess what? I am at least 75% better today. Resolution for today: must never, never wait so long before using medicine.

2. Really, people, not one job related name? Are you all too busy? On the way to wine country on Tuesday we thought of at least a few more. Jacques, the athlete. Molly, the picture hanger. Che, the buggy driver. Juan, the anemic (I know not a job description but I liked it anyway.) I would have thought you could have at least come up with Denny, the short-order cook.

3. Do you obsess over getting the Christmas presents even? Ever since my kids were little, I always wanted the numbers and money to come out at least close. What does this cause? A spiralling escalation of present buying.

4. I think they ought to create a special award for the pols in Washington this year. The Warren G. Harding Corrupt Government Award. It could be in the shape of a teapot.

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