I think I’ve found the perfect way to watch television. A way that gives you immediate gratification and never leaves you hanging. The answer is simply don’t watch anything that’s on currently, especially anything that looks like it may be a big hit. I’ve already told you how you must have a TiVo and the perfect way to watch television calls for one.

Let me give you an example – in our contrary way, we never watched “er.” So there are seasons of “er” going back to 1995. On TNT’s Primetime in the Daytime, two episodes of “er” are on every weekday in the morning. Every day our TiVo records these two programs and then that evening or maybe some other evening we watch. Sometimes when we have other things to do, we let them build up and then we have an “er” festival. Want to know who George Clooney’s dating in the next episode or whether Dr. Greene will get back with his wife? No need to wait. You can watch them all in a row. We’ve just started on the 1996 season. There’s so much more to see.

In addition, we’re watching CSI, the one from Las Vegas, that’s another one that’s syndicated. And the Amazing Race is just as amazing when you can watch all the episodes one after another. So was I sad when I heard that West Wing has been cancelled after 7 seasons? Not at all. I haven’t watched it yet. But I have to finish “er” first.

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