Sorry I have been so derelict in my blogging duties. As I said John and I have tickets to all the sessions of the SAP Open and it has been occupying about 14 hours a day. Now that we are down to the quarterfinals, the pace should slacken a bit. The best match so far? John McEnroe and Jonas Bjorkman winning in doubles against the second seed. McEnroe may be a bit long in the tooth but he still has great hands around the net and has amped his serve up so he can consistently put it in around 110 mph. Watching all this tennis has John chomping at the bit to get back on court. He went for his first physical therapy today and was told that he is progressing well and should be able to play in about a month. Hurrah! That coincides with when we should be back in Utah.

Baby Nathan is still on hold. It’s all so exciting!!!

On the political front, can we just stop hearing about Vice-President Cheney’s hunting accident?! Surely the dark prince of the administration could do better than that if he really wanted to hurt someone. It was an accident. Trying to make political hay out of it only shows how pathetic the opposition is. Get over it!

And on the religious front, really, the Danes? When was the last time anyone got excited over anything Danish other than pastries? So now there is a million dollar reward for killing the guy who drew the cartoons. And a competition to draw a Holocaust cartoon. (This may be a Danish problem but no doubt the Jews are behind it.) And of course rioting and violence. I think it has caught the world by surprise. Hopefully, a cartoon will not be the equivalent of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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