John and I are attending the SAP Open all this week. At least in the early stages, this is an all day event. We left home yesterday around 8:15 AM and didn’t get back until almost 11 PM. Andre Agassi was supposed to play on Monday but withdrew at the last moment with what sounds like a recurring sciatic nerve problem. Drat! He’s one of the icons of the sport and I was really hoping to see him play. At almost 36, he’s really old to be playing competitive singles and chances to see him in the future seem doubtful. Speaking of old people playing, John McEnroe is playing doubles later this week. He’ll be 47 on Thursday. I guess when you like to perform it is hard to give up the limelight.

For now, watching tennis is what we have to be content with. John’s broken bone continues to heal and he is out of his sling but he can only raise his arm at a right angle to his body. It will take some time and physical therapy to get it above his head. But he’s making progress and that’s good.

We are checking our phones a million times a day in case Ryan goes into labor. There are some things a lot more important than watching tennis! I know she’s not due for another 12 days but you never know. It’s so exciting! I can’t wait to hold little Nathan.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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