A friend of mine sent me an article about demographics and the rise of Islam. Here’s a link to it. The thrust of the argument is that if we continue allowing abortion that we will be aborting ourselves and our culture off the planet. That is, white people will. Especially European white people. The question in the article is 1) whether abortion is in society’s interest and 2) whether Islamic people can be integrated into an existing culture and political system.

Although the author of the article, Mark Steyn, goes on at great length about what is happening with waning birthrates among indigenous Europeans, he says very little about the integration of Muslims into the greater society other than it’s not happening. Part of the problem with Europe is that it is very, very difficult for immigrants to become citizens of their adopted countries.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, countries of immigrants such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and most Latin American countries attribute citizenship unconditionally to all persons born in their territory as well as to the children of their citizens who are born abroad. Most European countries restrict citizenship to ethnics and descendants. So if you are a guest worker in Germany from Turkey or a Muslim immigrant to Switzerland the chances of you ever becoming a citizen is remote.

What’s the upshot of all this? These Muslim immigrants have no stake in the political system of the country where they reside. They are second class citizens and like second class citizens historically, they ultimately rebel against those who deny them access. Pretending that you can fix this problem by having more unwanted white babies and turning them into cultural nazis is a mistake.

Americans sometimes forget that we are a country of immigrants. Many groups were reviled when they first arrived because of different religions, customs, race and ethnicity. Many of our grandparents and great-grandparents were seen as a threat. Yet the vibrancy of the American culture is due to all these many peoples.

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