Wow, is it hot!  Triple digits and we’re not even in Utah where you expect it be hot.  Here in Nothern California it’s not usually so hot for so long.  In the East Bay luckily we have air-conditioning but over on the peninsula there’s none.  Poor little Nathan (and his mom, dad and aunt Sarah) are really sweating.

I guess it would be easy to think that all this is due to global warming.  But I figure that a few days of heat do not a worldwide phenomenon make.  But maybe if the last 25 years have been the hottest since 1600 and the scientists around the world were alarmed, I might start paying attention.   The policy of the U.S., though, is to stick our head in the sand and just say it ain’t so.  In the meantime, we should all go out and buy our baby Hummers (with their $1.99 per gallon of gas come-on), burn more fossil fuels, raise the level of carbon dioxide, breathe in the sweet smell of smog, enjoy the great tanning properties of the thinning ozone layer and hope somebody else does something about it.

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