Every year before Christmas, Jonathan and I go shopping for his Christmas presents.  This really doesn’t ruin the surprise for him, since guessing the clues is the real suspense of Christmas, and everything he gets for Christmas fits. So after an hour or so of intense shopping, we took a break to get something to drink.

Since I am trying to do without aspartame since I think it may be a trigger for my migraine headaches, I searched for something other than a diet soda.  I chose something that is the very anathema to what I believe a drink should be – Thai milk tea with bubbles.  In case this delicacy has not reached your area yet, this is a cold tea with milk, sugar and tapioca (the bubbles.)

Slurping up things in a liquid is awful.  Overly sweet drinks are awful.  Plain tapioca is awful – it’s kind of like an orb shaped gummy bear with no flavor.  The only positive point is that it was a great source of amusement to Jon who watched the blobs being sucked up the straw knowing that my revulsed reaction would be coming next.

So do yourself a favor, don’t try this.  I’ve tasted it for you, it’s terrible and you can trust me. 

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