Another excuse – my sister and her husband are visiting this week for my birthday so posting will be erratic. 

Here are some items from the news this week that I’ve been meaning to write something longer about but haven’t had time.

1. Federal Reserve policy-makers on Friday said inflation remained a risk to the U.S. economy, even as data showing factory activity falling for the first time in 3-1/2 years indicated growth was slowing.

We used to call this phenomenon stagflation.

   2. In an article reporting that Europeans are not alarmed at the rising Euro, UPI reported that reasons for the calm are several. Many companies have at least some production in the United States, eliminating exchange rate issues for products sold in the world’s largest economy…

Imagine this, Europe is outsourcing to the U.S.

  3.  In an aritcle about American Muslims adapting to American holidays, it was reported that most of the dozen parents interviewed earlier this month at an Islamic Center said their families celebrate Thanksgiving, but their approaches to Christmas varied. 

This makes sense.  Thanksgiving is secular and Christmas is religious.  No matter what the right wing media says, most immigrants to the U.S. embrace their new country and want to be a part of its traditions and holidays.

   4.  Finally, this headline grabbed my attention – “Canada’s Liberals pick Dion as leader in upset win.”

But what of the Belmonts?

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