To look at me, you’d probably think, “Now there’s a chubby, little white grandmother.”  But, then you are not Homeland Security.  To Homeland Security, I am a suspicious, potential terrorist.  How many times have you been pulled out of line at the airport, had everything searched and wiped with those little round explosive-finding tissues, and then been personally patted down?  Ever? Once?  Well, if you are me, this happens quite frequently.  In fact, twice in the last two flights.  And they are thorough.  Because obviously I must be carrying something dangerous in my inseam.

You know I am not really feeling safer by being the object of their intense searches.  I am just feeling pissed and intruded upon personally.  John says they pick me because I am the least likely terrorist in line and they don’t want to be accused of racial profiling.  But I want to stand up for all the other chubby, white grandmothers who are being unfairly targeted.  Enough is enough!

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