While John’s dad was in rehab and then long term care, there were many caring women and men who helped take care of him.  Except for the professional therapists and some of the nurses, most of the aides and orderlies were people who had emigrated from other countries.  In the hallways you heard  English with the lilt of Haitian, Jamaican or Spanish.  It made me think about all the mean-spirited things I’ve heard and read about immigrants.

 I wonder if the immigrants to the United States were from Northern Europe (white) whether there would be such a hue and cry.  Send the Norwegians back!  No more English!  Let’s put up a big fish net to catch them all.

Sure we need a rational immigration policy.  But before you hope that no more non-white immigrants come over the border, think about this.  Not only are these immigrants the ones who clean your house, do your landscaping and cook your restaurant meals, they are also the ones who feed you and change your diaper when you become old and infirm.

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