Every year we try to plan one exciting trip.  Something out of the ordinary of traveling back and forth to Utah.  In honor of our 35th anniversary we are taking a cross-country road trip.  The idea is to end up in Boston (where it all began) on our anniversary and have dinner at the same restaurant that we did the day we were married.  Also to visit the Star Market where I suggested that John either pay me the money he owed me or marry me.  And his office in the basement of Building 4 at MIT where he uttered the romantic words, “Well, will you?”  I had to guess what he was talking about.

We will be going through Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, then over to Niagara Falls (seems a romantic place to go), New York, Massachusetts, down to New Jersey, then spend some time with my sister in Maryland, over to western North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas (to visit our nephew in Dallas), New Mexico, Arizona and finally back to Utah.  It should take a little over 60 days.

My request to you is to let me know if there are some places you’ve visited or stayed that were really exceptional along our route – inns, parks, factory tours, oddities etc. I’ll be blogging along most of the way depending on whether there is an internet hook up or not.  So I’ll post pictures and give you my impressions.  We’re leaving mid-June so leave a comment about where you think we should go.  Thanks!

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