Recently I got a couple of nice comments about Jon and his, let’s say 2 minutes of fame on Mythbusters.  Well, I went to the site where I can approve or disapprove comments and instead of checking the box that said approve, I checked the box that said spam.  So many apologies to the commenters. Do you think you could send the comments one more time?  Please?

I wish that there had been more Hookslide and Jonathan in the clips that they showed on Mythbusters.  After all, the guys were there for over 7 hours of taping.  But, as I realize, the show is not called the Jon and Hookslde Hour. 

The concert on Thursday was really good.  Jon even got to sing a solo since they brought in two guys from Boyz Night Out to do his drum-bass part.  He sang Long Train Running.  Now Hookslide will probably go on hiatus as one of their members is moving East for a year.  It will be sad to not be able to hear them sing.  We are the ultimate groupies.

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