In case this is the first time you are ever reading this blog, today, Wednesday, April 11, 2007, is the day that Jonathan and Hookslide make their national television debut on Mythbusters, The Discovery Channel, 9 PM.  There’s also a live Mythbusters concert at the Little Fox in Redwood City, CA on Thursday, April 12 at 8 PM.

Since John and I are in “eat-down” mode in preparation for a trip to Utah, I made the fabulous Apple-Rutabaga Soup which is served at the Inn at Little Washington.  Actually, I think I’ll start calling it Seasonal Soup because too many people probably think, yuck, rutabagas, or, huh? rutabagas, what are they?  Anyway, it could be called Apple-Carrot, or Squash-Sweet Potato, or Maple Syrup-Rutabaga Soup since all these ingredients are figured in prominently.

You’ll notice if you followed through to the recipe, that it calls for a stick of butter and heavy cream.  Certainly, those ingredients make it super creamy, rich and yummy but I’m using a tablespoon of butter and half and half.  It will still be terrific.

So I am settling down tonight with my bowl of soup garnished with a lemon slice (perfect for cutting through the creaminess) and some chives, tuning my TV to the Discovery Channel and watching our own huggie bear, Jonathan, singing and buzzing (you’ll see) his way to his five minutes of fame.  Hope you’ll be watching too.

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