I’ve been working really hard trying to get everything ready for the big TRIP!  So many lists.  So many things to remember not to forget.  Truly, at my age the forgetting is a big issue.  Here’s an example.

I have a lot of keys.  Keys to the various cars, post office boxes, storage space, houses, kid’s houses, etc.  At one point I decided to separate my keys into four separate entities.  One each for the cars and one for everything else.  The everything else keys were quite heavy.  In March when we went to Florida to be with John’s dad, I decided to lighten the load in my purse and not take my everything keys.  Normally, keys not being used go into a dish we have for keys.  For some reason, I decided that putting all the keys in one place was a bad idea.  So I placed my everything keys in a safe place.  A very safe place.  So safe that I cannot find them.  Hah, I have foiled would be burglers!  Hah, I have also foiled myself!

So you see, the lists and the trying to remember everything is quite time consuming.  Luckily, I just realized this morning around 3:30 AM (and then had to verify my assumption by getting out my PDA which I keep on my nightstand to check) that this Thursday is NOT May 31 and I have a whole extra week to get ready!  Of course all this excitement meant that I was done sleeping for the night.  But it does give me time to remember to write my blog.

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