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Nathan, his Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Leigh came to stay at our house Sunday for a month while their new house is getting ready. It is so wonderful having them here. Especially Nathan! Since Jon and Leigh had to go to work and Ryan had to go supervise housecleaning and then paperwork two days in a row, we got to babysit!

This is a picture of Nathan enjoying bubbles. John would blow bubbles and get them so they stuck on the table and Nathan would pop them. It was great fun. We also made pretend soup where Nathan would pour water from one mixing bowl to another. After each transfer he would whisk the results. Since we did this in the kitchen there was lots of spilling on the kitchen floor. I figure soon I will have washed the whole floor one tile at a time! What a superior way to get the floor clean.

We also read books and listened to music. Nathan liked to do a strange little goose-stepping dance to the Mozart Horn Concerto. Of course, we also made food, changed diapers, went up and down the stairs a lot, kissed booboos, and did all the million things one has to do to keep babies safe and happy.

How did we ever do it when our kids were small? Taking care of babies is hard work! Kudos to Ryan and Jon for doing such a great job with Nathan.

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