Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Herculaneum and Ravello


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Since John wanted to go up Mt. Vesuvius which I didn’t want to do and I wanted to go to the Isle of Capri which I am assuming he didn’t want to do since my suggestion fell into a black hole, we went to Herculaneum and Ravello. Herculaneum was also a victim of Mt. Vesuvius. The people were victims of a pyroclastic flow instead of hot ash like Pompeii. Some escaped. Pliny the Younger writes a moving account of his escape. He is, in his letter, still waiting to hear if his uncle has survived. (He didn’t.)

So once again we are walking among ghosts. Their houses are beautifully decorated with paintings and business is thriving in the streets. This site is better preserved than Pompeii and if you have time to see only one or the other, I would chose Herculaneum.

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