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Currying favor

Tonight we went to Siam Garden, a restaurant which had gotten good reviews locally. We looked on the menu for our favorite dish from Sri Thai in Dublin. It’s a dish that is fried tofu, eggplant, onions and basil in a yummy sauce. We didn’t see it but there was a dish that had fried rice with tofu and basil. We said to the server, “Hi, we’re from CA and we have this dish at home that has fried tofu in it. I see you have fried tofu on your menu, could you put it in this dish?” No. “How about eggplant?” No. Okay. So just bring it the way you make it and John will have the spicy vegetarian curry. Both dishes were so spicy that it was hard to taste anything else. In addition to having Thai chilies in them , they also had pickled jalapenos sliced up.

New rule: Never go to a Thai restaurant that has Siam in its name.

And no more Thai food until we get back to California!

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