July 13, 2009 Red Bank, NJ

The trouble with living in a place is that you tend to not visit its historical landmarks. I decided that today I would treat John to the best of Monmouth County starting with the Twin Lights that look out over Sandy Hook and the entrance to the New York Harbor. We did a lot today and I’ve sort of shortchanged everything. I am hoping John will read this and flesh out all my entries.

[Lighthouses are really cool and this is one of the coolest of all.  Many firsts here since the first version in 1828: first use of Fresnel lens in the US, first electric lighthouse, first experiments by radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi.  It sits on the highest Eastern coastal bluff south of Maine (200 ft.) and its light could be seen 22 miles out to sea. The view of New York was exceptional today.  –John]

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