Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

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At our house we are equal opportunity celebrators. We especially like holidays that revolve around food. And what could be better than a holiday that revolves around fried food!?

So the story goes that the Jews only had enough oil to light their lamp for one day. But, in a miracle, the oil lasted for eight days. Nowadays Jewish kids receive a present each of the eight nights. And you eat foods fried in oil.

We never did do the presents but we have always been all over the eating of fried foods, specifically potato latkes. John is an excellent latke maker. I would tell you the recipe but I don’t know exactly what he does. Frying, though, has always been a mess. Grease everywhere and smoke and smell. But this year John’s got a sweet setup in the garage with an electric wok for the oil and a whole frying station. Our whole garage smells like latkes. There’s grease on our windshields. We laugh everytime we go out to the garage.

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