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Across the street is the Oostkirche, which I can only describe as a Franken-church. A huge Gothic tower crowned with non-matching later masonry, attached to a simple brick main church body. Not clear what went on over the centuries. I think that the Protestant Reformation and German dynamite each contributed.

We go back to the room, try to get settled, and realize that not only is there no cross-ventilation, there are no screens on the windows and flies are everywhere. We decide to pull the plug, and use the powerline wired internet (as opposed to the wireless advertised on the Vierschare website) to book a room back in Bruges at the Hotel Heritage. Tom gets us to the Heritage with his usual precision. It’s cool in this room, the internet works passably and there are no flies. Unfortunately, lunch seems to have gifted Mary with “the traveler’s complaint”.

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