October 6-18, 2010 Visiting St. George

It’s been quite a while since I posted and I will blame that mostly on being sick. We had planned about a two week span in St. George and in the middle Jon, Ryan and the kids were to come and visit. That mostly happened but not quite the way we planned.

First John started suffering from a herniated cervical disc. This meant our drive to St. George was cancelled. But since the kids had tickets to fly to Las Vegas, we tried to figure out a way to get there that would lessen stress on John’s neck. We decided to fly and then I would drive a rental car from Las Vegas to St. George. So far our plan was working.

Pond at dusk
Pond at dusk

Then I freaked out and wanted to go to the airport in Las Vegas when the kids flew in. I woke John up at 4 AM and insisted we go and surprise them. That way we could help with logistics of luggage, strollers, car seats, children etc. Not protesting too much, John took his pain medication and I drove back to Las Vegas.

We first encountered Jonathan and Sam. Apparently Sam had made some protests on the airplane but was now fast asleep in his stroller. I did notice that his eyes and nose were pretty glopped up.

Sam asleep at the airport
Sam asleep at the airport

But no worries, everyone was surprised we were there and we took the luggage and the kids went to get the rental car and stopped for breakfast while we made our way back to St. George. We spent the first day settling in and getting the kids acquainted with their surroundings. Nathan starting enjoying his trucks right away. He and I played endless games of inspector, a game about inspecting trucks. Nathan declared, “Beeba, you are the best inspector!”

Nathan and semis from Cars
Trucks need inspecting!

On Sunday we all went out to brunch at the club. The kids like the pancakes and although the service was a little slow, everyone had a good time. Nathan and Sam especially like the homemade potato chips.

There's enough for everyone
Sharing chips

Sam was still feeling pretty unwell at the beginning of the week and had fevers off and on. We all tried to be very careful washing our hands to make sure that the cold didn’t spread but by the end of the week, Sam, Nathan, Ryan and I had colds. We tried not to let that deter us from having fun, though. Nathan visited the pool at the club a couple of times and also went to the big public pool where he went down the slide with Mom 26 times! Nathan and Ryan also went to the Family Fun Center for bumper cars and miniature golf. Jon and Ryan had a couple of “dates” so John and I watched the kids. We put them to work washing the windows.

Sam wants to wash too
Nathan washes the outside while Sam gets the inside ready for washing

Zayde and Nathan wash windows
Zayde and Nathan wash windows

One day while Ryan and Sam had some quiet time, John, Jon and I took Nathan to Springdale. We needed to pick up some dishes we had ordered and we figured that Nathan would enjoy the elk and buffalo in the field across from the pottery store. Oh uh, no animals! Well, we all enjoyed having lunch at Oscar’s anyway.

Nathan and Jon at Oscar's
Nathan and Jon at Oscar’s

Near the end of their visit, Ryan and I took Sam and Nathan to the park near our house. Nathan walked right up to some kids and said, “My name is Nathan. Do you want to play?” He’s very good like that. So he had two little boys to play with who, as you can tell from the picture, were somewhat shorter than he. But we found out that they were at least 6 months older. Nathan is one tall four year old!

New friends at the park
New friends at the park

In between all this activity Jon managed to play some golf and John recovered enough to play some tennis with Jon but all too soon the visit was over. I think we all thought it was a pretty successful visit. I am so glad because I really look forward to their visiting. The downside of the visit was that I caught a really bad cold, couldn’t fly home because my ears were so blocked, started a string of immune system overloads which made my face swell up and John ended up driving all the way back to Pleasanton so I could go to the doctor. Now only three weeks since I caught the cold, I am almost over the coughing but one of my ears is still blocked. I need to get better fast because we are scheduled to go back to St. George with Jonathan a week from today!

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