November 8, 2010 Visit to St. George

Today we had a lot of plans. First up was a lesson from the tennis pro here at the club. Then there was shopping to do and then maybe look at some new cars. But, you know what they say, the best plans are, are, something… which means it doesn’t always work out. It was not raining today but it was very windy and the tennis lesson was called off. No matter, we would find other things to do. We decided to go over to TJ Maxx and the Zion shops in search of a Le Crueset pot. In fact, the very Pot-opotomus we have at home. Success! We find the pot and a bunch of potential Christmas presents for Nathan and Sam. Then it was off to the Zion Shops (discount mall) and the first thing on the agenda was lunch at the Mongolian BBQ.

Mongolian cooking
Cooking at the Mongolian BBQ

We really think that the Mongolian BBQ is the best place to eat in St. George. Jonathan agrees. It totally follows Utah Rules – first, you get to pick out your own fresh ingredients; next you personally decide how to season them; third, they are cooked right in front of you with no embellishments; and then you eat it. They have three sizes, the Little Khan, the Mighty Khan and the Barbarian. We always go for the Mighty Khan.

Mighty Khan
Mighty Khan

Here’s a picture of John and Jon waiting for their Mongolian bowl of goodness.

John and Jon at the "Q"
John and Jon at the “Q”

After lunch Jon bought some more golfing outfits and then we stopped at the store for dinner ingredients. Tonight’s dinner is basically from Lazio (Rome’s area) with some beans from Tuscany. It turned out pretty well and we gave it a “4.”

Pork saltimbocca with cannellini beans
Pork saltimbocca with cannellini beans

We couldn’t find veal so we substituted pork and we used a no soak version of the beans. We brought some sage from our herbs at home and enhanced the flavor of the beans with some salt pork. Got to say, though, the best part of dinner was the pan sauce that John made after cooking the pork cutlets.

We are hoping for less rainy/blustery weather tomorrow.

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