Thanksgiving, 2010

Our good friends, Eileen and Jim, were up in the Bay Area to visit family for Thanksgiving. They stopped by for dinner and an overnight and we spent some time catching up. Towards the end of the evening, we watched a dancing program which will remain nameless. We wanted to see if there was a right-wing dancing conspiracy. Luckily, there was not. But seriously, it’s enough to put one to sleep (or almost) as the picture shows.

Jim and Eileen
Sleep inducing TV for Eileen and Jim

The rest of the post will be about Thanksgiving. When choosing who would have Thanksgiving this year, Ryan decided to leave it up to Nathan. Nathan thought staying at home would be great so for the first time in 17 or 18 years I did not host Thanksgiving. It certainly made Thanksgiving a breeze for me. Cook a few dishes, arrive on time and my responsibilities were done. Ryan and Jon did a great job and the dinner turned out really well. We had butterflied turkey with sausage stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, rutabagas, roasted creamed onions, green beans with bacon and almonds, chipotle sweet potato gratin, death by broccoli, cranberry sauce, homemade rolls and Indian pudding. It was fabulous. Here are some pictures from the great event.

Around the Thanksgiving table
Around the Thanksgiving table

My favorite children

Nathan, Ryan, Sam and Leigh
Nathan, Ryan, Sam and Leigh

Brotherly and sisterly love

Best Thanksgiving friends
Huggable John

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