December 4, 2010 Hanukah

Tonight we had a little impromptu Hanukah celebration. Sarah and I had gone shopping today to get her a coat for our upcoming trip, then she was staying overnight, and in the morning we would proceed to Burlingame to get our hair cut. (at last!) Whilst discussing dinner plans, Sarah suggested we have latkes, it being Hanukah and all. So John set up his fry station in the garage and started preparing his secret latke recipe.

John's secret latke recipe
John’s secret latke recipe

The reason that it’s a secret is that no one really knows what it consists of. Every year John asks if we have the recipe, I search for it and come up empty. So John makes it up every year.

First, though, light the menorah. Hmmm, do we have any candles? I get out the menorah and John finds a box with only eight candles. It’s a sign that we must light all the candles tonight even though it’s not the last night.

Sarah and John - candles lighted
Sarah and John – candles lighted

I prepare a salad, Sarah gets out the sour cream, John fries the latkes and our Hanukah dinner is ready. I am really glad that Sarah suggested it. The latkes are crunchy on the outside and creamy inside. Our little impromptu celebration is a success.

Hanukah dinner
Hanukah dinner

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