January 14, 2011 Sam’s birthday celebration

Since we didn’t have a chance to celebrate Sam’s birthday on the actual day, January 11, we go over to Ryan and Jon’s a couple of days after the fact. By this time, Sam has recovered from his bout of croup and is looking as bouncy as ever. He is such a happy, charming little boy. He starts our visit out with a game called, Look Zayde. So Zayde looks and Sam flings himself on a cushion in one room and then runs into another room and flings himself on another cushion yelling, “Look, Zayde.” We enjoy the game although haven’t a clue what it’s about.

Next we go upstairs where Nathan and Sam show us their new Magna-tiles, a recent gift from Gram and Gramps. Nathan builds a tower and Sam builds a house. It’s a little cube that he puts little cars in. I keep putting my foot in the garage and Sam says, “No foot!”

Later we open some presents and Sam enjoys his Duplo “men,” puzzle and puppy puppets. He corrals his men in his card. He also takes the blocks of his puzzle and makes a tall tower and poses some of the Duplo figures on top. It is all very cute. Nathan in the meantime is playing with Zayde making some big boy Lego knights. It is really too hard for Nathan but he watches while John makes the catapault.

Later we all eat cupcakes that I actually made. Sam starts with the icing but eats the whole thing. It is a fun day seeing the kids and grandkids (except Sarah who has a cold) and it’s hard to believe that time has passed by so quickly and Sam is two.

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