February 5, 2011 Visit with Nathan and Sam

I have been so bad about updating my blog. It’s not that we haven’t done stuff, it’s just that once I get behind the inertia sets in. The behinder I get, the behinder I get. That’s really an axiom for most things you need to get done. Dusting a room is doable, cleaning the whole house is impossible. Making a phone call can be accomplished, but a whole slew of phone calls? Not so much. Writing one blog entry, of course! Writing three or four, maybe not. But I digress. Here’s what we’ve been doing thus far in February, 2011.

First we go to St. George for a couple of weeks in January to sort things out for our kitchen remodel. We return to P-town the beginning of February but need to return on the 13th. So there is not much time to cram all the California events in. The first thing to do? Visit Nathan and Sam.

Sam wakes up

Sam was just waking up as we arrived. It takes him a little time to adjust from sleeping world to waking world. His thumb helps this transition. The first thing he wants to do is put his hat on. Nathan had a thing about wearing hats when he was little too. Sam is so cute.

Nathan and the snickerdoodle

And what surprise has Beeba brought? Snickerdoodle cookies. In my first usage of the stand mixer that we bought two years ago, I make snickerdoodle cookies. This is a big deal. I am notorious for bad cookies. Really, bad desserts to be honest. Since I have no interest in sweet things, I have not become accomplished at making them. But this is Sarah’s recipe and the cookies come out tasting good. I am having them for a dinner party the same weekend so I pick out the best looking ones for showtime and bring the rest (equally tasty) over for Sam and Nathan. Yay! They are a big hit.

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