February 6, 2011 Entertaining in P-town

There’s no doubt about it, we are guilty of neglecting our friends here at home. We are probably home less than 6 months a year and that 6 months is divided up into 2 to 3 week segments. A lot of that time is taken up with priority number one, family. But in these twelve days that we are home, I will try to make up for lost time.

John and I plan a dinner party for our group of friends that we go to the park with in the summer. In the off-season, these gatherings are called Concerts Not in the Park or Not Concerts in the Park or something. Our plan is to have our friends bring hors d’oeuvres and we will provide everything else. Our dinner is a winter salad of greens, pears, spiced pecans and Point Reyes blue cheese as a starter, stuffed turkey thighs, death by broccoli and chipotle sweet potato gratin for the entree and snickerdoodle cookies with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Plus wine (actually seven bottles of wine!) The salad was really good and the turkey thighs with sausage stuffing and gravy were great, the broccoli less so and the chipotle sweet potato gratin was delicious but the chipotle cream broke upon reheating (rats!) The dessert was especially for Steve who enjoys white food. As I mentioned in my previous post, the cookies came out well.

From the picture, it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

Concert Not in the Park

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