March 1, 2011 Kitchen remodel in St. George

I wanted to post pictures of our remodel in St. George when it was done. Of course, it was not done in the time frame that we had anticipated. But time marches on and before I can post other important events like Nathan’s birthday, I need to at least put down the pains of living without a kitchen for three weeks.

In January we went to St. George and set the whole process up. The actual remodel is scheduled for three weeks in February and is supposed to be complete by March 3. But first here’s a picture of the kitchen in the before stage.

Kitchen before the remodel

It is very dark. In the corner is the cooktop. The cooktop is ugly and hard to clean. The control are on the right side which means when we are both cooking it is hard for the person on the left to control his/her burners. But we could live with it. And then the oven breaks and the faucet and the RO system start leaking and the decision is made. So the idea is to replace the oven, cooktop, venting system (there isn’t any), sink, faucet, and RO system. And, oh yeah, the countertops.

The first thing that is done is to rip out the countertops and remove the sink.

Kitchen counterless

Wait, no, I’m wrong. The first thing that is done is that we remove most of the stuff from the cabinets, pile it up in the guest bedroom and tape up the cabinets.

Guest kitchen
Kitchen prepped

Now we wait. And wait. While waiting we are cooking on our cardboard countertops in an electric wok. In fact John and I are thinking about putting out a cookbook called “Make it Wok! Recipes while your kitchen is being remodeled!” Finally three days before we are scheduled to go home, everyone descends on the kitchen – granite guys, plasterer, painter, tiler, electrician, plumber, appliance installer. They are scurrying over each other like so many rats. Of course little things go wrong and it is impossible to get it all done. But here is the work as we left it at the beginning of March.

Kitchen sink area

Yay, we love the new granite! It is so bright after the dark brown of the tiles that were there. It has hints of pink that pick up the rose color that is in the slate floor. The tile backsplash is glass and travertine. It is repeated in the cooktop area. The new appliances are in. Problems that still exist are a scratched cooktop, spills on the granite that need to be professionally removed, tiling incomplete and the RO system and the faucet are not compatible. But we are very excited with the new kitchen and look forward to seeing it all done when we get back on March 21 (I hope!)

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