March 8, 2011 Nathan’s 5th Birthday

Today is Nathan’s birthday. He is turning 5. Wow, does time fly by. He’s lost a tooth, rides a two wheeler (with training wheels), is the tallest in his preschool class and makes the usual assortment of 5-year old jokes.

We gather with the family at their house and give Nathan his presents. We get him several games with a Cars theme, a view master, a kaleidoscope, a truck and another game about building sentences. His favorite gift, though, is from Mom and Dad, a large truck named Banshee. He is even having a Banshee cake at his party that Auntie Leigh is bringing with her from Wisconsin. His party is on the 13th but since we’ll be in Indian Wells at the tennis tournament, we are celebrating on his actual birthday.

Sam gets a present too! Pretend ice cream cones. They are supposed to be a fun way to recognize colors and help with counting. There are nine different scoops. He makes us several double and triple scoops. After a pizza dinner we watch while Nathan blows out a birthday candle on his cupcake.

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