March 24, 2011 More fun in St. George

Let’s see Monday, golf for Jon, Tuesday tennis for everyone, Wednesday, golf for Jon and John, so Thursday must be hiking and shopping day! We take a trip out to Zion National Park and attempt to hike the Kayenta/Emerald Pools trail. Unfortunately, the Emerald Pools trail is closed and the Kayenta Trail is so muddy that after we go about 3/4 of a mile, we turn back and hike along the Virgin River back to the Zion Lodge.

Zion waterfall into upper Emerald Pool

John and Jon by the Virgin River

Marymom and Jon hiking in Zion

We have a great lunch at Oscar’s Cafe, the other restaurant on the go-to list for the St. George area. John and Jon have Oscar’s famous fish tacos (yum) and I have a grilled portabella mushroom burger. It is so good. Later Jon and I go birthday shopping. Although we are not as successful as we had hoped, Jon gets some jeans and shoes. Later we go home and prepare Jon’s favorite meal, noodles, gravy and meatballs with green beans. A little TV and we are done for the day.

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