March 25, 2011 Jon visit to St. George

We are having a very busy week. Tuesday was a tennis day so Wednesday is a golf day. John and Jonathan go to their favorite links course, Sand Hollow, and play 9 holes. My day consists of catching up on my blog, doing home stuff and starting with a personal trainer at the club. Here are a couple of pictures from their outing.

John on the tee

Jonathan on the course

Then they stop at Costco to get some gas. The gas here is so much cheaper than in California. Only about $3.50. It’s amazing what seems cheap when you are paying $4 or more. Anyway, I think this picture of John is nice.
John filling the tank

Afterwards they eat lunch at the Mongolian Barbecue, one of the two restaurants that Jon and we deem worthy of dining at.
Jon filling his tank

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