April 17, 2011 Passover celebration

Today is April 28 and I am stunned that it’s been about a month since I’ve written anything. We were supposed to stay in St. George for another week after Jonathan’s visit but I got an email from Susie who is Helene’s daughter. The gist of it was that Helene had fallen, broken her hip and her death was imminent. We returned home right away so we would have the appropriate clothes to wear to the funeral in New Jersey. But Helene didn’t die right away and in the meantime there was Passover.

As usual we celebrate our holidays when it is convenient for everyone to get together. Since Jonathan was leaving on a business trip, we celebrated early. As a bonus, Ryan’s parents, Rose and John were visiting and they came to participate as well.

Nathan and Sam were so good this year. They seemed interested and helped. Here’s a picture of them with Ryan at the table.

Sam, Ryan and Nathan at the seder

Nathan helped both times with the hand washing.

Nathan holds the towel so Zayde can dry his hands

Sam had a good time spilling drops of wine, dipping vegetables in salt water and looking at his My First Passover book.

Sam looking at his book sitting next to Gramps

Probably one of the most exciting things for Nathan was to hide the afikoman. He doesn’t quite get the concept of hiding so he kept excitedly asking if he could show Zayde where it was. Finally we explained that Zayde would buy the secret afikoman from him. Nathan got his twenty dollars but still wasn’t sure about the whole concept. Then Zayde explained that he could take his twenty dollars to the store and use it to buy a truck. Ah, the light dawns. But why wait so long? Nathan decided to use his twenty to buy the Bruder crane that we have at our house. He loves to play with it when he comes over. He was thrilled with his bargaining ability.

Nathan with his $20

So a good time was had by all. The food was delicious and we enjoyed the seder very much.

Next year in Jerusalem!

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