April 26, 2011 Helene’s funeral, Red Bank, N.J.

Helene died right before Easter. Due to the holiday, her wake and funeral were held Monday and Tuesday after Easter. We flew to JFK and stayed at the Molly Pitcher in Red Bank. We saw all the surviving Stump children along with their children and grandchildren. It makes for a big group. Except for a little confusion as in who was who, it was good to see them and they seemed pleased that Peg, Phyllis and I had come. Pictures of Daddy, us, as well as Jonathan and Sarah were displayed. But the sadness was pretty much reserved for Helene’s own kids. We remember her fondly but do not suffer the same kind of loss.

It was good to see Peg, Ted and Phyllis again. We had a great Easter dinner at Restaurant Nicholas in Middletown, visited the old homestead on Wallace St., had hot dogs at Max’s and pizza over at Sandy and Tom McGee’s. We were all glad when the funeral was over and we could head home.

Peggy, Mary and Phyllis in downtown Red Bank

Phyllis, Peggy and Mary in front of 120 Wallace St.

Max's hot dog

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