August 22 & 23, 2011 Dallas, TX

We are up bright and early with plans to go to the Dallas Art Museum and the Nasher Sculpture Center. We go down to the concierge and find out that they are both closed on Monday. Bummer. Okay, we decide to switch our Tuesday plans to Monday and ask her to find us some indoor tennis courts. This is not an easy task. She suggests we go eat lunch while she works on it. In the Conservatory, I have a really good lunch of seared tuna, greens, edamame and daikon radish. I can see that John covets it. Back out to the concierge and, hurrah, she has found indoor tennis at the Four Seasons resort north of the city. We book a court for 3 PM, take our ibuprofen and make our way through Dallas to the resort.

It is really nice. Probably the nicest place we have ever played tennis. If we are ever planning on being in Dallas again when it’s between 105-108 degrees outside, we will definitely stay here. Gotta say I am pretty awesome today tennis-wise. It is a lot of fun. We decide to scrap the museums tomorrow and book a court for Tuesday as well.

John at the Four Seasons, climate controlled indoor courts

We get back to the hotel and get ready for our dinner at Ocean Prime. I am hoping for luscious scallops. But of course someone needs to do more than put a little salt on them and sear them. These come coated with cayenne pepper. I can’t even taste the scallops. John has blackened red fish. He says it is okay. I am sorry to be so picky but when you are paying big bucks for food, it ought to be right.

John at Ocean Prime with Clark peeking

On Wednesday, August 23, we spend the morning hanging around the room. I am supposed to be writing my blog and an adventure of Clark and Lewis but I do neither. Sometimes it’s good just to be lazy. We go back to the Conservatory for lunch where we both get the tuna. Then it is off to the courts where we seem to be different people from yesterday. We both play really badly. Oh well, it is still fun.

Watching tennis is thirsty business!

After coming back to the hotel and cleaning up, we meet our nephew, Andy, and his wife, Valerie, at the Capital Grille. It is great to see them and find out what is happening in their lives. It has been almost three years since we saw them at their wedding. Valerie is a Dallas police officer who is about to start juggling her job and going back to school. Andy works for Texas Instruments. John and he talk about stuff that I have no idea about. It is a marvelous dinner and a great evening.

Having dinner with Andy and Valerie

On Wednesday we are off to Tucumcari, NM on our way to Flagstaff to escape the heat. We have two long driving days but our reward is three days in the same place.

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