August 24, 2011 Dallas, TX to Tucumcari, NM

We are up early today. We have about 7 1/2 driving hours to get to Tucumcari. Since we want to beat the rush hour traffic, we manage to get ourselves together and out by 7:15 a.m. The temperature is already 90 degrees. It hasn’t cooled off hardly at all over night.

There’s not much to report. We get in the car and drive. John does most of the driving because of my inability to drive over high places and my desire to nod off after lunch. Most of the places we go through are pretty depressed. A lot of Texas has seemed quite prosperous. The roads are in good shape and there’s lots of new construction around Dallas. But out in the panhandle it’s all kind of sad. Maybe they didn’t vote for G.W.

We get to Tucumcari earlier than expected due to the change to Mountain Time. We are excited to see mesas and buttes again. We love to look at the sky and see the weather for miles.

It's raining somewhere near Tucumcari, NM

I take a picture of a the sky as it might look in an apocalyptic painting. One can imagine the hand of God reaching out of the clouds.

Sky over Tucumcari, NM

We have dinner at the Rockin’ Y’s Roadhouse. It seems the best of a bad lot when we read the reviews. But it actually turns out to be really good. They serve American and Mexican fare. We have tacos and enchiladas and it’s not what I like to call congealed food or “glop.” You know the kind, Mexican food smothered in a melted cheese. The ingredients are fresh and tasty. What a pleasant surprise.

Afterwards we go out seeking good places to take pictures of Clark and Lewis along historic Route 66. Then off to hotel to write the blog and get a good night’s sleep before the long drive tomorrow to Flagstaff.

Clark and Lewis as Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock in "Route 66"
John, Clark and Lewis pose with a mural of "La Bamba"

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