August 27, 2011 Flagstaff, AZ

It always seems to happen at the end of a trip. My enthusiasm for compiling the day’s events in my blog starts to wane. Also there is the problem that we haven’t done much since arriving in Flagstaff. That’s probably another indication of vacation burn-out. But we are not done yet and tomorrow we are going to visit our dear friends, Eileen and Jim, in Prescott, AZ. We have had a lot of fun and wild times with them in the past and it always seems like I sign their guestbook with, “Will we ever learn….”

I just finished my last chapter, chapter 33, in the Adventures of Clark and Lewis. It seems rather sad to retire the guys. I think I’ll take them along to Utah at the end of September and then maybe to Italy later this year. Hah, and you thought I was burnt out from vacationing! If I know me, I’ll be hankering to be off somewhere in about three weeks. Might as well do all our traveling while we are still able.

Here in Flagstaff we have taken the opportunity to cook some diet-friendly meals, play some tennis, and do a lot of laundry. We’ve bought some kitchen essentials such as a plastic cutting board, a silicone spatula and wooden spoons that we plan on bequeathing to the condo owners. Luckily we have our knives, knife sharpener and instant probe thermometer with us. So far we’ve made turkey chili and shrimp creole. Tonight is some sort of lentil and turkey sausage concoction. I am afraid that the four pounds that I lost in the first four weeks of the vacation have made a reappearance. I suppose if I maintain my weight loss through seven weeks of vacation that will be a victory.

On to Prescott tomorrow and then home!

Mary with Clark and Lewis in Flagstaff, AZ
John, Clark and Lewis

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