August 9, 2011 Washington, D.C. to Grasonville, MD

This morning we get up early and play tennis on a derelict court in Beltsville, MD. I guess cities just don’t have the money for upkeep anymore. The net is sagging, there’s grass in the cracks, someone has ripped off both the gates and the nearby geese walk in and use one of the courts as their personal restroom. But one court is at least playable and we play for an hour or so until the humidity gets the better of us.

We depart the hotel around noon and head towards Grasonville on the eastern shore of Maryland. It’s where my sister lives. We are so excited to see one another. Peg suggests margaritas and how can I refuse. She has bought Patron tequila. It’s really good.

Mary and Peggy introduce Clark and Lewis to the evils of margaritas
And this is before we even drank the margaritas

We have a great dinner and finalize plans for her birthday party tomorrow. She has asked quite a few of her friends and we are trying to figure out what to serve without blowing our diets. (I weighed myself for the first time since we left Pleasanton and after almost a month on vacation I can report that I’ve lost and additional 4 lbs. Not bad for vacation!)

Of course we have to introduce Clark and Lewis to Peg’s cats. Here they are having a sit on Tiger.

Poor Tiger

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